UTG DS3840 Instant Target Aiming (ITA) Combat Review


The UTG DS3840 Instant Target Aiming (ITA) Combat red dot sight is to me one of the best red dot sights. It gives a great view thanks to its width and it is always lock on target once zeroed in. This is just a top military kind of stuff. Now the first thing that makes me love this little beauty is the fact that it has great features but goes for less than $100. It fits perfectly on different types of shot guns and rifles thanks to the picatinny rail. There is no confusion when it comes to aiming, you can adjust the brightness levels and see what works for you. There are no reflections so that leaves your target well open and seen.

The tool for quick aiming

This UTG Red/Green dot sight is the go to red dot gadget when you are looking for something that will get you aiming perfectly at the snap of your fingers. Red dots have changed shooting and they are the bridge between rifle scopes and iron sights. They have improved sighting systems hence improving combat, military games or hunting of dangerous animals.

The UTG DS3840 ITA has great speed which does not affect its accuracy. You are able to aim faster and all that you need to do is learn how to exploit all the advantages therein.

Lock down and True Strength

Apart from the adjustment for elevation, the lock down feature in the UTG is not commonly found with the rest of the brands. The moment you have your eye on your target it is time to tighten the screws located on the zero lock. You will never lose sight of what you put your eye on once you have zeroed the red/green dot.

True strength provides the user with precision and windage that is responsive when it comes to elevation and adjustment. True strength is the main element that guarantees that a scope is genuine.

Features and Specifications

  • Has no reflection thanks to high tech emerald coating
  • Has optimal height design
  • Has clear and sharp dot sight, 4.0 MOA
  • Has wide field of view with limitless eye relief
  • Has rheostat for use to vary brightness levels
  • Can adapt to any background it is exposed to
  • Has instant lock on target that enhances performance and accuracy
  • Can be used on a wide range of shot guns, pistols and rifles

MSRP: $55

Customer Reviews and Scores

Most customers who have purchased the product have given it a 5 star rating. This is a rating founded on the durability of the gadget. Some customers have used the gadget for over 5 years. The other thing is that its price is very pocket friendly.

The down side according to some customers is that the UTG has no auto off so when they are done using it and forgot to turn it off, the battery will die if left for a long time.

Great  red dot for the day and green dot for the night, precision and windage plus versatility. The UTG 4.2″ ITA Red/Green CQB Dot with QD Mount, Riser Adaptor is simply one of the best in its league.

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