Snap Caps

What are snap caps?

Snap caps are the safest tool used in relieving the tension on the gun’s firing pin. It is a device that looks like a standard firearm cartridge. However, the distinct characteristic that sets them apart is that the snap caps or dummy rounds do not contain any primer, projectile and gun powder. This snaps caps are considered as ammunition simulators. Thus, this device is actually not real ammunition, it allows you to safely check or simulate how your firearm operates. This dummy ammo is the best option to practice and train your shooting skills without spending too much on real ammunition, this is known as “Dry Firing” an exercise that can develop muscle memory on your trigger pull. Another benefit of this training ammo is it acts as a suspension for your firing pin, which will prevent or reduce the wear and tear of your firing pin.

Dummy rounds also has types like the laser snap caps. Specific laser snap caps functions as a revolutionary tool in having a test-fire exercise and shooting simulation. This has a firing-pin switch, which indicates a bullet impact characterized by a bright red laser dot.

How do snap caps work?

Whenever you are having a dry firing exercise, the firing pin of the gun actually hits the cushion or the pad of the snap cap. Once the firing pin hits it, the sound that you will just hear is a click instead of a bang. At this point, the firing pin just struck the snap cap.

How to use snap caps?

Snap caps are just a simple tool and works like a real ammo. If you are using a semi-auto pistol, you will just load it to your magazine like you normally do, then rack the slide to load it to the chamber. Once it’s loaded and you pull the trigger, the firing pin will strike it and the snap cap will act as a shock absorber. You will have to manually rack the slide to eject it.

You can also use snap caps to simulate jam on your firearm or simply use it in testing how your ammo cycle rounds.

Buying the best snap caps for your gun

Snap caps are a good investment for training, starting from around $15 to $20, depending on the cartridge you are buying. Most of the snap caps in the market are durable so you can reuse them more than a hundred times. This is a big saving compared to using live ammunition all the time when practicing.

When buying a snap cap, the first thing you should consider is to make sure that you are not purchasing one that looks like a real ammo. For safety purposes, it is a smart choice to pick one you will see at a glance and determine that it is a snap cap right away. Most of these snap caps are colored red or orange, or in other bright colors and is very easy to identify. We don’t want any negligent discharge during our training session if we mix a live round with our snap caps.

Snap Caps Drills

When training with snap caps at home, make sure that you don’t have any live ammunition around, we do not want to injure/kill ourselves or our loved ones. Always think of safety first.

Here are a couple of drills you can do with your snap caps:

  • “Tap-rack-bang drill”
  • “The wall/nickle/brass drill”




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