Sightmark SM26008 Ultra Shot Plus Review


The Sightmark SM26008 is a black holographic long gun sight, designed to be mounted on top of a rail. It’s a much more substantial sight than you might think at first glance, weighing more than you might think. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced ‘tactical black’ holo sight, this might be your pick.

Adjustable Reticle

The reticle can be adjusted in multiple ways. There are four different kinds of projected reticles, and they can be cycled between red and green. The brightness can be adjusted, too, and usable even in very bright sunlight. It should be noted that the reticle can get a bit blurry on higher brightness levels, but not in a way that interferes.

Responsive Controls

The controls are pretty responsive, and hold up pretty well. It seems better built overall than the price would have you think. You need to press the button down for three seconds to change anything, which is a good time because accidental bumps aren’t going to throw things off. The battery compartment is easy to open with a coin, not something even more expensive sights can boast.


  • Four red and green reticle (8 total)
  • Responsive digital switch controls
  • Adjustable mount

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are almost overwhelmingly positive. It gets four star overall rating, with mostly five star reviews. The primary issue does seem to be the blurring problem. Apparently you should also check the gun laws in your state, because it seems like it might violate some regulations in some places.

Despite the Sightmark SM26008’s good features, there’s a few issues. As mentioned above, the reticle can blur at high brightness, and it seems like it sometimes might constantly have that issue for some individual items. The soft buttons could be a problem after extensive use, if you push them frequently, but that’s true for most buttons.


This is a tough, simple sight, with enough variety in the reticles to you to personalize it for your needs. There do seem to be issues with blurring at high brightness, so if you shoot in dim light, it might not work for you. Again, others seem to occasionally have consistent blurring issues, so buyer beware.

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