Selecting the Right Red Dot Sight

There is a large variety of rifle scopes and sights available on the market today. They differ based on how you plan to use them. There are scopes that can magnify high enough to see animals in great detail. Red dot sight aren’t able to magnify and are generally used for close range, precision shooting.

A great deal of our military uses red dot sights on their firearms. They are also popular for competitive speed shooters. Those who enjoy hunting turkey or deer can benefit as well from a red dot sight. Purchasing a new red dot sight is a great upgrade and helps increase the ability to find and fire upon the target.

Things to Know about Reflex Sights

Red dot sights are commonly refer to as reflex sights. They use an illuminated dot to help the shooter from the target and accurately fire. You are able to keep both eyes open. Before you begin your search for the best red dot sight scopes, there are a few things you should understand.

Reticle Sizes

The size of the red dot will vary. Some sights have the ability to change the size of the dots. Another variable is that some dots will have crosshairs or other options. This will be a matter of preference. Too small of a dot will make it difficult for the eye to pick up. If you select a dot that is too large, there is a chance it will obscure the target.

The minute of angle, or MOA, is how the size of dot in a scope is measured. For example, one inch at 100 yards. Most red dot sight scopes come in 4 MOA which means 4 inches at 100 yards.

Battery Powered

This is something different about reflex sights; they are battery powered. This means it is important to have backup batteries, especially for hunters. Cold weather will drain the battery faster. Also, you must remember to turn it off when not in use. Sometimes, shooters will forget this and drain their batteries before the trip is over.

Range Estimation

The size of the red dot is important for other reasons as well. It is used to estimate the range. So, picking the right size dot will help you judge the distance of the target. This allows you to shoot targets easily at 400 yards with precision.


Do you want to be able to use your iron sights still? Some red dot sights allow you to use iron sights with or instead of the red dot. They are commonly called back-up iron sights. Civilians typically don’t purchase these; they are used by the military for AR15. The reason they are used is to have a second choice if the red dot fails. They are electronic so it’s a possibility.

List of the 10 Best Red Dot Sights Under $100

Are you under budget and wanted to get your hands and try on an affordable high quality reflex sight? Consider looking at our top 10 list of the best red dot sight in the market.(Not arranged in a particular order)

Choosing the Best Red Dot Sight

Now that you understand some of different variables and details of reflex sights, here are some things to consider as you plan to purchase a new scope.

  • Room Available: You need to consider how much room you have available on your firearm. If you have your reflex sight too close to your eye, it is known to have a tube effect. When selecting your sight, you need to make sure you have space to place it further away from your eye. This will diminish the tube effect and allow you to shoot with both eyes open.
  • Reticle: Think about the size of a reticle you need when selecting a red dot sight scope. This is going to also depend on the firearm you are using. If you are using a gun that will put shots in 2 inch groups at 100 yards, don’t buy a 4 MOA sight. This essentially means you will no longer be able to do 2 inch groupings.However, for most shooters, a 4 MOA will be a great for most rifles. It will allow you to shoot at a medium distance with good precision, and you can see the dot with your eye.
  • Night Vision: Do you plan to be shooting at night? There are some sights that will adjust low. This gives you the option to place a night vision monocular behind the sight. The dot will adjust so low that it cannot be detected by a human eye.
  • Battery Free or Battery Dependent: Some people, especially those who consider themselves ‘preppers’, are concerned about using battery dependent reflex sights. There are ones that don’t require batteries, but the optics can vary depending on the light available. The dot is known to wash out at times, so you will have to have a system in place to fix this issue.
  • Weight: Some reflex sights, especially full sized dot sights, aren’t light. Add in the weight of your firearm and you may be lugging around a heavy piece of equipment. Think about how and where you will typically be using this scope. If you plan to use it on handgun, a light sight will be less awkward to hold.

Some of the Trusted Brands

  • Aimpoint is a rugged option for hunters. They are also commonly used by the military. One of the nicest features about their scopes is they have a very long battery life. The batteries are supposed to last up to 10,000 hours. This is longest on the market!
  • Burris has a budget friendly option called the TRS-25. Burris is a leading brand and has high quality. This particular sight is very durable.
  • Atibal has top notch customer service. They offer sights under the $200 mark. One of their options, called the MCRD-II, has a lot of great features in a budget friendly price range.


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