LDGJ Tactical Green & Red Dot Sight Review


The LDGJ Tactical sight is a cantilever mounted sight, tactical black and very conventional looking, if you’re concerned about appearance. Its reticles are all dot sights, not crosshairs, which some shooters prefer. It advertises itself as tough and versatile, so let’s see if it holds up.

Wide Range of Brightness

The brightness is pretty good, working well in both bright conditions and dim ones. It doesn’t have the widest range you can find, but this is plenty serviceable. The dot remains clear regardless of brightness and allows for tight groupings at varying ranges.


For a relatively budget sight, the quality is very good. It doesn’t have any rough edges on it. It holds together under a few (normal) knocks. The knobs all move easily and aren’t too loose. The mount works well, easy to put on and equally easy to take off for adjustments. The caps stay on well and don’t seem to be coming off anytime soon. It’s awful when you end up with a scratched sight because the caps got lost.


Cantilever mounted sights are normally a bit more adjustable and more complex to adjust than ones directly mounted on the rail. They sit higher up from the rail. With this in mind, the LDGJ Tactical is easily adjusted—or at least its dot is. Adjusting how it fits upon its mount isn’t going to be easy, as there are six small screws holding it on. This isn’t a scope for those without tools.


  • Highly surable
  • Adjustable birghtness
  • Included Cantilever Mount
  • Backed with “No Questions 1 Year Warranty and Dedicated US Support”

Customer Reviews

The LDGJ Tactical sight has an overall five star rating. Most of the individual ratings are the same. It does seem there might be the occasional quality issue with the caps. Sometimes, at least, the mount may be on backwards. No one recommends it for competitive shooting, but most buyers seem very pleased.


This is a solid, cheap red dot sight. Well-built and fairly versatile, it has a lot to recommend it. If you’re looking to do some competitive shooting, or want to be extremely precise, you might want to look elsewhere, as slight adjustments on the mount might be a bit difficult.

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