BeamQ Red & Green Reflex Holographic Rifle Scope Review


A decent red dot gun scope can be expensive, especially if you look for the more popular brands. Off-brand sights are always a shot in the dark, but this one is surprisingly good, considering the price. If you’re looking for a cheaper holographic dot sight, the BeamQ has some interesting features of note.

Different Reticles

The BeamQ dot sight can be red or green, with a selection of crosshairs. This allows for different options for different shooters, something not always offered even for more expensive, mainline sights. This is useful for any weapon being used by multiple people. Everyone has a different preference (my sight of choice has notches on the crosshair, allowing me to adjust, for instance), and the options also give you a chance to try different types of sights before forking out more money.

Adjustable Brightness

Not all holographic sights allow for a range of brightness, but this one does. It can be adjusted along a pretty wide range, allowing you to adjust for different lighting conditions. Many sights advertise this and it does not work all that well, even for expensive ones. It’s also easy to use; that is, you can figure out the controls and they also work.


Though it’s not advertised as milspec, it is surprisingly tough. Usually anything in this price range comes across as cheap. This sight, however, is made of tan metal and is pretty well built. I wouldn’t try hitting it with a sledgehammer, but it’s not going to fall apart if you bump it against anything. It’s also fairly waterproof, so you can use it in the rain without worrying about the electronics frying.


  • Red and green dot rifle sight with 8 reticles settings
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Yellow coloration
  • Very durable
  • Powered by CR2032 batteries

Customer Reviews

Most customer reviews on Amazon are very good, especially in regards to the quality. Many bought this sight as something to tide them over until they could afford something more mainstream and are so happy with their purchase that they aren’t going to bother. Some are even going to purchase another. Overall it is rated at five stars, with nine reviews, all at five stars.


If you’re interested in a decent sight, with a lot of durability and diversity for your buck, this is definitely an option. The shipping time is very good and it does not use an unusual battery size, which are not included (too much to ask for the price). If you have a particular look in mind, the BeamQ is definitely a chance to try out different kinds of dot sights at a decent price, and is also a functional option while saving.

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