Ade Advanced Optics Rd3-009-2 Red Dot Sights Review


The Ade Advanced Optics RD3-009-2 is a red dot sight that offers a lot! For any tactical shooting having an accurate sight that is easy to use and adaptable to various weather conditions is crucial. This is definitely one that does the job outstandingly well!

Precision-Sight Window

The RD3-009-2 has a 1x sight window that showcases precision ground geometries that are meant to eliminate any parallax. This is the best product to get that clear crisp picture you need when aiming. You will never have problems with a crystal clear aim. It allows you to set up your shot that much easier and efficiently. If you’re in a shooting situation where you need to be ready to hit your game at a moment’s notice, this is the right sight to use.

Waterproof/Fog and Shock Resistant

The other main feature about the RD3-009-2 is that it is highly durable. Any hunter knows that inclement weather in the dense forest and wild is common. Other sights may have problems handling it, not this one! It is completely waterproof and will stand up to any weather you’re brave enough go out in. it also has a special protective cap for the 3V lithium battery to protect it from any damage or degradation. The sight is also both fog and shock resistant which only adds to its durability and long-lasting appeal.

Red Dot Lens

When it comes down to it, having an accurate aiming dot is what sights are all about. The RD3-009-2 is crafted with a 1-inch at 100-yards scale that has 60 different divisions. It offers incredible per-turn accuracy with its sub-tension coming from the aiming dot. When you take aim you’ll note that it is always clear and direct once you have zeroed in the sight. This is another feature that makes this a stand-out in the world of reflex sights.

Features and Specifications

  • Precision-ground lenses that are exacted to eliminate parallax
  • Lenses provide crispness of picture sight
  • 5 different illumination settings
  • Long-lasting lithium CR2032 battery included
  • Waterproof/Fog/Shock Resistant


Customer Reviews and Scores

Most customers offered high praise for this 5-star rated product. It was noted that the value for the money is excellent. Customers who were concerned with the sight and its clarity were happy surprised by this one. Though it comes at a highly-affordable price, the sight is outstanding.

One customer mentioned difficulty getting the battery compartment open. He stated that the manufacturer sent a “large coin” with the package to fix the issue. Screwdrivers may not do the trick due to their size and the slot of the unit. The coin was the perfect solution that allowed the customer to get in and change the battery. In the end, he closed off his review with a 5-star rating like most of the other customers.

Final Verdict

The RD3-009-2 red dot sight is a great value for the money. It offers precision lenses, various illuminations, has a durable battery and is reliable in all types of weather. With its accurate aiming dot, its construction and precision sight window, you will love having it at your side as you venture into the wild.

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