LDGJ Tactical Green & Red Dot Sight Review

Wide Range of Brightness Quality Adjustability Features Customer Reviews Conclusion The LDGJ Tactical sight is a cantilever mounted sight, tactical black and very conventional looking, if you’re concerned about appearance. Its reticles are all dot sights, not crosshairs, which some shooters prefer. It advertises itself as tough and versatile, so … Continue reading

BeamQ Red & Green Reflex Holographic Rifle Scope Review

Different Reticles Adjustable Brightness Durability Features Customer Reviews Conclusion A decent red dot gun scope can be expensive, especially if you look for the more popular brands. Off-brand sights are always a shot in the dark, but this one is surprisingly good, considering the price. If you’re looking for a … Continue reading

Primary Arms Micro Red Dot MD-RBGII Review

Battery Life Waterproof Minute of Angle Ability to Mount on Multiple Firearms Customer Rating and Reviews Features and Specifications Primary Arms Micro Red Dot MD-RBGII is a dependable, sturdy, great quality sight in an affordable price range. While it doesn’t contain all the features of some of the expensive sights, … Continue reading

Ade Advanced Optics Rd3-009-2 Red Dot Sights Review

Precision-Sight Window Waterproof/Fog and Shock Resistant Red Dot Lens Positioning Features and Specifications Customer Review and Scores Final Verdict The Ade Advanced Optics RD3-009-2 is a red dot sight that offers a lot! For any tactical shooting having an accurate sight that is easy to use and adaptable to various … Continue reading

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope Review

Easy Target Acquisition Solid Construction Red Dot Lens Positioning Features and Specifications Customer Review and Scores Final Verdict One of the biggest dilemmas which have plagued hunters for many years now is the guesswork they have to put in while choosing the right tools for tactical quick target acquisition. The … Continue reading